Going on Stats and Python

Hi, how are you over there?…I am here to present the beginning of my journey over stats and python.

Some weeks ago I receive a mail from Udacity, on this mail they makes reference of 24 resources that are very useful for those interested in data science.

This resources guide me to Twitter where I start to follow some minds of the Data Science field. After some days the interesting people and communities starts to grow in my feed, and is in one little twit where I find my next task for this weeks.

This twit introduces a Stats Intro using Python. For this Gregory Piatetsky (the author of the twit) share a nice book that serves as a guide for this task.

From installing Python, passing by Stats Basics and beyond the book has been a great support for me. I share you the book and urge you to enter in this field if you think you need a refresh on statistics or if you want to start with the basics just like me.