Unlocking personal data

All the people interested in data is always looking or researching for new data to integrate either in their business, academic research, software solution, etc.

There are lots of data sets meaningful for ones and not important for others, but there is one kind of data that every person who is passionate about data will find interesting, personal data.

We’re leaving logs of everything we do even without knowing it. Here is a list of data sets that we’re generating and we can study to know a little more of how we behave: Read More

Hello world!

This post actually was not my creation. It is the default post of every WordPress template, however it  is a nice way for break the ice.

For the computers community a “Hello World” is a simple test for a new environment. This is a new environment for me, so, as I go getting comfortable with it I leave this post here as a proof that I am alive and working on new posts.