Unlocking personal data

All the people interested in data is always looking or researching for new data to integrate either in their business, academic research, software solution, etc.

There are lots of data sets meaningful for ones and not important for others, but there is one kind of data that every person who is passionate about data will find interesting, personal data.

We’re leaving logs of everything we do even without knowing it. Here is a list of data sets that we’re generating and we can study to know a little more of how we behave: Read More

Data science and Business

The proposal of this post is to make a “call to action” to Data Scientists. It’s nice when others call you a scientist and visualize yourself as a problem solver with white coat and a lot of 1s, 0s and graphs in your computer screen. But, when it’s time to go out and get a job, how ready are you for business?

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Starting with Spark

I was checking my personal email when a question popped up “What will you learn this summer?” Well the answer was few lines down. Scalable Machine Learning is the course that has been offered by Berkeley University and sponsored by databricks in the EDX platform since June 29.

Spark was stocking me, on twitter, news, blogs, everywhere! that drove me to take this course and explore what is Spark, and what I can get from it.

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Hadoop in progress

As a part of the Distributed Programming course in my masters program I have the task of carry out a “word polarizing”. This task consists of identifying positive, negative or neutral words in Facebook comments.

I am working in a way of solve this problem with a Hadoop platform. For this I am going to make use of Amazon Web Services platform. This project is in progress, so wait for news about how it goes.

Hello world!

This post actually was not my creation. It is the default post of every WordPress template, however it  is a nice way for break the ice.

For the computers community a “Hello World” is a simple test for a new environment. This is a new environment for me, so, as I go getting comfortable with it I leave this post here as a proof that I am alive and working on new posts.