About me

I am a software engineer interested on data and machine learning topics. I open this space to publish a bit of my ideas, interests and works.

Nowadays I work as a Full Stack Analytics Developer at Samtec. In the past I worked as Sr Business Intelligence Analyst at BAC San José, a financial institution in Costa Rica.

In this positions I have been involved in topics related with data, math, econometric models, machine learning, data viz, data processing and others.

Besides my work, I am pursuing a  master’s degree on Computer Science at the Universidad of Costa Rica. The courses that I have taken so far: Information Retrieval, OLAP and Datawarehouse, Complex Systems, Distributed Programming, Agile Methodologies, Natural Language Processing and Diversity for Computational Security.

I am 26 years old, live in Costa Rica (Yes, the country with beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes). I enjoy a happy marriage with my wife Katherine. I have two dogs, a rescued french poodle called Mia and our funny english bulldog, Cooper.

This is my short presentation. I expect you can know me better through my posts.

I hope you enjoy this site and welcome, feel at home.